Best 7 Link Building and Outreach Tools for SEO Agencies In 2021

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If you ever heard anyone saying link building is no more relevant in Search Engine Optimization, you need to discard it at the instant. Why? That statement is very far from the truth.

As a matter of fact, Link building strategies are one of the essential aspects of SEO. You can confirm that by how much SEO agencies work with link-building tools in the process of solidifying a site’s presence in search results. 

Link building is essential in achieving the best SEO success possible. Search engine algorithms work with links to index web pages for the records, which will birth an increase in search engine rankings.

Among the numerous factors that Google considers in its web ranking algorithm, link building is among the top three. Based on recent research, top Australian SEO companies and other internet professional bloggers and content marketers enjoy about a 95 percent increase in backlinks to their websites daily.

Other reports show that about 43.7 percent of most of the top-ranked pages on Google have relevant links. Hence, you need to learn about the best link-building tools to get you on track and make your SEO efforts productive.

However, if you are looking for the best SEO link-building tools to help your SEO projects, here are the best 7 of them.

1. SEOJet

SEOJet is a backlink management software that provides the needful support to SEO agencies, and digital marketers need to do detailed backlink research and outreach.  As an SEO agency, you need this tool to laser-focus on your link-building practices to deliver high-performing backlinks for your given websites. SEOJet comes with effective built-in blogger outreach tools and a proprietary scoring system that enables you to determine which web page needs an SEO boost. learn more about it at

SEOJet works best for Backlink Management, Rank Monitoring, and Competitor Analysis. 

2. BuzzStream

When talking about link building, no SEO agency can undermine BuzzStream. This multipurpose link-building tool is becoming a buzzword in the SEO world. Indeed, it is not a gainsaying tool that is a must-have for any SEO agency that cares for an excellent result. 

BuzzStream offers SEO agencies a quick, easy way of reaching out to many influencers and building a solid business relationship with them. Also, It automates the outreach process with an easily accessed centralized database. As a result, you wouldn’t have to email your link-building prospects.

BuzzStream works best for Outreach, Link Analytics, Ranking Monitoring, and Content Marketing.

3. URL Profiler

Every SEO agency needs to have the handy URL Profiler as an essential tool in their link-building toolbox, and you are not exceptional. URL Profiler is among the best link-building tools that bring good results. 

URL Profiler helps get all the essential data you need to build quality links for your given website. For instance, It allows you to focus on the most relevant sites and easily extract as many email addresses you need for your outreach, along with these tools you also need the best WordPress plugins fo your SEO needs, learn more about them at

URL profiler also features integrations with many of the most innovative SEO tools such as SEMRush, Moz Scape, Majestic SEO, and Ahrefs. If you want to create a detailed link-building report with the right metrics, you can consider this tool as your best companion.

URL Profiler is best used for Link Prospecting and Link Building Reports.

4. MailShake

MailShake is considered one of the most favorite tools among SEO agencies. The reason is that it helps in running outreach campaigns on autopilot. 

Besides, this link-building tool has extensive capabilities to help you with cold email outreach, which will help you get expected responses from all your link prospects.

More so, this multifunctioning tool provides everything you need as an SEO agency to build quality links. Some of these high-functioning tools include Personalized emails, automated sequences, and outreach status, trackers.  

MailShake is best used for Link Prospecting and Email Outreach.

5. NinjaOutreach 

NinjaOutreach is an excellent link-building outreach tool for SEO agencies. It helps significantly in generating leads and website traffic through effective link building.

NinjaOutreach also helps SEO agencies with prospecting, outreach, and influencer marketing. However, it provides better solutions. This tool helps execute marketing strategies and create digital content that works.

Some of the vital features you will find with this link building tool include 

  • Link building and management
  • Finding and connecting with social media influencers
  • Business lead generation
  • Contact relationship management
  • Influencer outreach tools

NinjaOutreach is ideal for SEO agencies, digital marketers, bloggers, B2Bs, start-ups, and more.

NinjaOutreach also keeps a consistently updated database of influencers’ contact details and email addresses. More so, you can access link-building targets with the unlimited search feature by entering any relevant keywords or niche you want.

You can also search web pages by using filters for 

  • Sponsored posts
  • Infographics
  • Giveaways
  • Resource pages
  • Interviews
  • Guest posts
  • Podcasts

Additionally, you can filter all your searches for quality backlink leads based on social engagement metrics such as post shares, average followership, and comments generated from every post.

6. Pichbox 

Pitchbox is an effective link building, influencer outreach, automation platform, and content marketing for publishers, website designers, brands, and SEO agencies.

It provides a platform for users to build a cordial business relationship with influencers, digital marketers, bloggers. Pichbox also enables SEO agencies to generate insightful keywords and multiple prospecting. With Pitchbox, you have the opportunity to create personalized outreach emails to communicate with your target audience.

Pitchbox provides the opportunity to build high-quality links strengthened by content outreach, integrated influencer, and SEO strategy.

7. SalesHandy

SalesHandy is a detailed link-building and outreach tool that enables SEO agencies to implement and manage outreaches and email campaigns, analyze email engagement and responses.

More so, it allows to schedule emails, customize them and track them without limits. You can also automate campaign and individual email follow-ups. With this solution, you can send and track your SEO documents with real-time data analytics.

Final Words 

The above link-building and outreach tools provide great help in your SEO processes and give you the desired results that your client can only imagine. Meanwhile, you don’t need all of them for link building. You can choose anyone that can work for your present SEO needs.