Best 7 SEO WordPress Plugins for SEO Agencies In 2021

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When it comes to SEO practices, WordPress led the competition. Aside from its high functionality and usability, one of the top reasons most SEO agencies prefer WordPress is its generosity in allowing extensive plugins.

Nowadays, there are countless free SEO WordPress plugins, optimizing WordPress websites has become much easier and better. Though Search Engine Optimization is somewhat complex, SEO WordPress plugins to the market have made the work more productive.

However, as much as WordPress is easy to use, not all SEO WordPress plugins are user-friendly. So, as an SEO company, you need to constantly know which SEO WordPress plugin has the best features and can give you the right results you desire.

To make the search easy, I have compiled a detailed list of the best 10 SEO WordPress plugins dominating the SEO world in 2021 and will remain relevant in the coming years.

1. Yoast SEO

When mentioning the SEO WordPress plugin, what first comes to mind is Yoast SEO. Unless you are newly starting up as an SEO agency, you would have learned about the efficiency of Yoast SEO. Over the years, this effective WordPress SEO plugin has helped even the most experienced SEO agency optimize and rank websites for several clients and deliver the expected results accurately.

Many SEO agencies consider Yoast SEO as the most effective WordPress SEO Plugin, which is for countless reasons. Yoast SEO allows you to perform quick on-page fixes, including SEO analysis, Meta Data optimization, and Schema implementation.

As an SEO agency, you will enjoy working with Yoast. It is easy to use and can also help optimize multiple aspects of the WordPress site, including URL, Meta Description, tags, keyword density, internal and external links, and even the readability of web content.

2. Rank Math

Rank Math is another SEO WordPress plugin that brings results without stress. Most SEO agencies consider this SEO WordPress plugin as the best alternative to Yoast SEO.

The reason is simple. Rank Math boasts almost the same usability and features as Yoast SEO. It is among the best SEO WordPress plugin that allows SEO agencies to make websites SEO-friendly. You can trust this tool for Meta Data and Open Graph optimization, Google Search Console integration, and XML sitemap.  Click here to learn more about Rank Math.

This SEO tool also features an easy-to-setup wizard with a simple interface. You can begin your website optimization right away.

Rank math works best for

  • On-page SEO
  • Technical SEO
  • Content Optimization
  • Web Analytics

3. Squirrly SEO

Squirrly is among the best SEO tools that a typical expert SEO agency would want to use. Though not so famous, its unique features set it apart from the competition. Squirrly SEO makes it easy for SEO agencies to optimize web pages with efficient built-in tools, like the Blogging Assistant, which helps in web content optimization.  The best way to enjoy Squirrly SEO is to think of it as your virtual SEO assistant. know more about Squirrly

SEO SQUIRRLY works best for non-expert SEO agencies. With it, you can create web content that will perform excellently in both search engines and human readers. You will benefit from that because Google places a much emphasis on a commendable user experience.

Here are some exclusive features of SEO SQUIRRLY:

  • It helps SEO agencies find great keywords
  • It analyses blog articles
  • It offers professional advice on how to resolve issues
  • It helps SEO agencies optimize web content for better readability
  • It helps generate an XML sitemap for both Google and Bing

Squirrly works best for: 

  • On-page SEO
  • Technical SEO
  • Content Optimization
  • Web Analytics

4. All in One SEO Pack

As the name implies, you can get all your SEO needs in this SEO WordPress plugin. All in One SEO Pack is debatably the best SEO WordPress plugin for SEO agencies and digital marketers that wants all the essentials to build a solid online presence and convert leads without the fuss.

This WordPress plugin comes with SEO tools easily accessible for both beginner and pro SEO agencies. These tools include Google Analytics support, XML Sitemap support, built-in APIs for other plugins, Schema optimization, and more.  All in One SEO Pack serves as a WordPress toolbox for website optimization.

All in one SEO pack works best for:

  • On-page SEO
  • Technical SEO
  • Content Optimization
  • Web Analytics

5. SEOPressor

This SEO WordPress plugin works as much as Yoast and even the All-in-One SEO Pack. It provides detailed on-page SEO analysis and also makes on-time suggestions for improvements.

This SEO WordPress plugin makes the best tools for a result-driven SEO agency. It helps you make minor adjustments and tweaks that will boost your client’s overall SEO health. Even if you are a non-expert in SEO practices, you will gain a deeper understanding of the nitty-gritty of SEO as you work with this SEO WordPress plugin.

6. SEO Post Content Links

Every seasoned SEO agency would know that internal linking is a critical aspect of SEO and will never undermine its impact in creating a great “link profile.” Aside from the fact that SEO Post Content Links helps achieve better indexing in major search engines, it also points users to other helpful web content that might attract them and motivate them to patronize. Hence, it is not hyperbole to say that SEO Post Content Links can increase the number of time visitors spend on your client’s website.

This plugin takes out the guesswork of internal link building and helps to streamline the process dramatically. As if that is not enough, SEO Post Content Links also helps create proper anchor text in alignment with current best practices.

7. Broken Link Checker

As an expert SEO agency, you wouldn’t want your links to malfunction or not yield whenever users click on them. For that reason, you will need to be sure that your links are working correctly anywhere you insert them in your web content.

Simply put, you don’t want any broken links. Broken links can adversely affect an SEO agency’s performance making it more complicated for major search engine spiders to crawl your client’s site and index the content effectively. When it happens like this, it is not a good situation.

Broken Link Checker conveys its role in its name. The SEO WordPress plugin helps you monitor your website and gives you an instant notification anytime a broken link is found. That way, you would not have to bother about manual checks on your end.

Final Words

SEO is becoming essential in business marketing than ever. Achieving a solid online presence and consistent rankings in significant search results is among the best ways to drive targeted traffic, generate leads, and boost sales.

However, using the most efficient tools and following best SEO practices is essential for any SEO agency that wants to deliver excellently. These 7 SEO WordPress plugins are the best tools for you if you care about results in the shortest time possible.